What if...

…every verse of the Bible could be illustrated as a graphic novel?  Not just stories about the Bible, but full-page illustrations of each Bible verse with characters and actions brought to life – one verse at a time on every page?


Illustrated Bibles:  After 10 years of unrelenting design, illustration, translation and publishing, our team has illustrated large sections of the Bible verse-by-verse.  Each Bible verse is brought to life with characters and drama like a big screen graphic novel. 


Sending to our Missionaries: Our mission is to send our 200-page mini-Bible books directly to English and Spanish speaking missionaries who use them for evangelism, teaching, and house-to-house ministry throughout North and South America!


Free of Charge: Our strategy is to buy our own graphic novel Bibles at the lowest cost from our publisher and send them to our missionaries in their own language at little or no cost to them.


Donations Needed: To send an illustrated Bible and colored pencil set to a missionary in their own country costs us about $10 each (shipping included).  We can’t do this alone…

Will you donate $10 per month to send Mr. Mac Bibles to our missionaries?

Missionary Teams

Missionaries giving Mr. Mac Bibles!

The Mission of Evangelical Ministries of the Americas who serve and strengthen the body of Christ in Honduras, Central America, and the rest of Hispanic America by training biblically qualified leaders for ministry.
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Foundation Academy – High School Missions who take students around the world on short term mission trips to care for people groups in need and to give out the Word of God.
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Campus Life Barrington, Illinois (Youth For Christ) who take students to the Mexican refugee camps at the US border to care for those in need and to give out Mr. Mac Bibles.
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